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Maley & Wertz Hardwood Lumber – Krikham Hardwoods Sawmill

Kirkham Hardwoods joined forces with Maley & Wertz in 2015. Their logging crews and high volume production proved to be the perfect fit for our ever growing customer base.  Whether your needs include selling logs or timberland, needing optimized green lumber, or customized industrial products our sawmill can support your business.

Capitalize on every log.

We see every log as an opportunity, and with our industry expertise, we can assure you that we'll get the maximum yield possible. Regardless of the size of your business, we can match your scale and provide exceptional service along the way.

Other capabilities

Timber Management
Grade Lumber
Chips and Sawdust
High Volume Tie and Cant Production
Cribbing and Lagging
Dunnage / Blocking
Kiln Drying

On-time. Every time.

It's vital that you get your order on schedule. We offer transportation and logistical services — company trucks, railcars, and overseas containers — for nationwide or international delivery.

What our customers are saying

“They are honest, hard-working, trustworthy people and their product reflects it.”

Sam Glidden
GMC Hardwoods

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