About Maley & Wertz

Devoted to our customers.

Defined by our service.

Maley & Wertz Hardwood Lumber

Since 1885, we’ve prided ourselves on our midwestern work ethic and our ability to deliver more for our customers. No matter the circumstances or problem at hand, you can depend on us to be there for you and your business.

Today, we’re a team of seasoned industry experts with a deeply rooted passion for solving problems — we want to help your business grow, not just fill an order.

A few things we believe

Cultivate partnerships

We want long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Sell the best product

We refuse to sell a product that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Learn every detail

We strive to know absolutely everything about our industry and the products we sell.

Always innovate

We’re perpetual learners that want to see the lumber industry flourish.

We're looking for long-term partnerships with our clients — it's simply the best way for us to help your business. Ready to learn more?